Boomer Exercise

I was at a party yesterday and I saw a patient that hadn’t been in for a while and in conversation she said that she was feeling great-no pain. I said that’s wonderful-what have you been doing? She said that she was  exercising. Remember the simple principle-use it or lose it.

So what exercise works for boomers (or anyone)?Try to combine a strength, flexibility and cardiovascular focus in your workouts. If you aren’t doing anything, then just get out and walk a block and gradually increase your distances. Make sure that you’ve got comfortable shoes and that you’ve had your foot properly measured.

Swimming is great, since it’s not shocking to the joints and the bouancy that you get in the water allows you to rehab joint problems(arthritic issues, etc) in ways that you can’t do on land.

Golf is OK, but remember to work on flexibility, because the rotational stress of the swing can put you at risk. If you want to count it as exercise, then walk the course.

Biking is good.  Though I’m not totally comfortable with the body position on a bike, so I’m looking around for a good recumbent bike.  The biomechanics are better.

What about Tai Chi. Tai Chi defies logic, but is a wonderful exercise for boomers and those who will be boomers(everybody). I’ve strengthened my knee(no surgery for me), because I’m teaching 4 Tai Chi classes. This slow, gentle movement exercise strengthens, tones and assists flexibility. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in getting healthier.