Sports Injury

If you have a sports related injury, or would like to prevent one from happening, or better yet would like to maximize your performance;then look no further, because I have the experience and expertise to assist you. I have been an athlete for most of my life. As a kid, I played baseball, football, and basketball, and tennis. In college, at the University of Albany (NY), I played lacrosse on a team that years later went onto be ranked as high as #2 in the country.

In Chiropractic College, I had the opportunity to participate in an externship with Dr. Kim Kristiansen, one of the foremost sports injury/rehab specialist in the U.S. Since then, I’ve been fortunate to have worked with some of the top professional athletes in the tennis, marathon running, and sailing world.

After college, I participated in marathon running, as a Chiropractic Running Team Member in the 1990 Boston Marathon, and played tournament level tennis, culminating with an appearance at the United States Open Grass Court Championship in Newport, RI. During this time,I’ve had my share of injuries, but I’ve been fortunate to be able to care for them naturally, without drugs and surgery.