T’ai Chi Chuan

T’ai Chi Chuan is an ancient Chinese Martial /Healing Art. Buddhist Monks developed this exercise/self-defense system based on the movements of animals in nature.

T’ai Chi is called a soft form martial art, because it’s mainly defensive and involves circular, flowing movements as opposed to more offensive minded martial arts such as Karate that are more angular and aggressive. Since most of us are not interested in fighting, what are the benefits of studying T’ai Chi? The benefits are many. You can learn principles of balance, flexibility, centering, breathing, and strengthening your body. The slow, dance-like movements of T’ai Chi are a good balance to our fast paced western society.

I have studied/practiced/taught Short Form Yang Style for over 35years. I teach individuals and small group classes for beginners at my office. Also, in my Chiropractic care program, I will sometimes include T’ai Chi like exercises for patient growth.