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Name:Lynne P.

Problem:Severe stress related headaches plus neck strain-feeling like my head is too “heavy.” The symptoms occur first thing in the morning.

Previous treatment: 4- 6 Excedrin per day.

Results:The morning after the first treatment I awoke with NO headache,although it did come back later in the day. The next morning there was NO headache all day and I took NO medication.

Since starting Chiropractic Care, I have not complained of severe headaches in the morning. I start the day feeling great! It’s a major change from starting the day with two pills and going back to bed to wait for them to work.

I also find that I sit and stand straighter and that my neck pain has vanished.

I highly recommend this form of Chiropractic Care!

Name:Charlene C.

Problem:Intense pain in the lower back that prevented me from doing simple things like getting out of bed and showering. Also, intense numbness in my hands and legs, which was very frightening. Along with this, I had headaches to the point of nausea. I walked like a 90 year old at age 30.

Previous treatment: I would see another Chiropractor, but my low back pain was so severe that I could barely stand being touched let alone being twisted and turned. Oftentimes, I would leave his office with the same pain.

Results:I came to Dr. Michael in really bad shape. I was extremely tense, because I was in such pain and I didn’t want to get twisted again.I was impressed by Dr. Michael’s new method and that he took the time to explain what he was doing to build my trust. I am getting healthier and feel better about living, now.

Drs. Note: During her treatment, Ms. C got pregnant and had a bad fall. She was very concerned about whether or not she could get through her pregnancy. We continued to treat, very gently, and she not only made it through the pregnancy, but also had an “easy” child birth. Her first words to the doctor after giving birth were”how soon can we do this again.”

Name:Caroline T.

Problem:Neck and back pain, with numbness in my hands and fingers. Headaches at least 3 xs/week with trouble sleeping, due to the pain.

Results:No more headaches! I now get a good night’s sleep. I haven’t had any pain in my neck. My back pain is gradually going away, also. Since I have been under Dr. Gottfried”s care, my health has improved. Initially I was very skeptical about Chiropractic. Now, I will highly recommend Dr. Gottfried to anyone that suffers from pain.

Name:Josephine A.

Problem:Headaches and lower back pain. It’s very difficult to make a bed,carry a basket of laundry, or vacuum.

Previous treatment: I’ve gone to 2 other Chiropractic Doctors and had some relief, but the pain returned.

Results:I’ve tried Dr. Gottfried’s treatment and the daily stretches. I can say that I feel wonderful-no more headaches and no more lower back pain! God Bless Him!

Name: Leonel S.

Problem: Back, shoulder, and neck pain due to an automobile accident

Results: I was referred by my attorney to see Dr.Gottfried. When I got there,I informed Dr. Gottfried that I did not believe in Chiropractic therapy. After being treated for the last three to four weeks, I feel100% better; now I believe in Chiropractic therapy. As far as I am concerned, Dr. Gottfried is a wonderful gentleman to go to see if you have back problems, or any other problems. He knows what he is doing and he explains everything to you. I want to thank him for what he has done for me.

Name: Marty F.

Problem:I was involved in a serious car accident two years ago. I received serious whiplash injuries to my neck, as well as pinched nerves and damage to my lower back.

Previous treatment: 2 other Chiropractors-little help.

Results:I’ve been thankful for meeting Dr. Gottfried. He connected my neck and lower back pain and along with chiropractic, recommended muscle therapy. This holistic approach in treating the entire person as an individual seeking to become their healthiest, rather than a patient afflicted with a symptom, sets my treatment apart from any health practitioner that I’ve come in contact with.

Name: Frances F.

Problem: Pinched nerve in my neck and shoulders

Previous treatment: 2 Orthopedic Surgeons told me that I would have to live with my pain that my condition was too far gone.

Results: Since I have been treated by Dr. Mike, I have very little discomfort, only a few headaches and I’m sleeping much better.After just two treatments, I really started to feel like a different person. The results after my treatments with Dr. Mike have been incredible.

Name: Fred H., RN

Problem:shoulder strain/frozen shoulder

Previous treatment: Ice, Tylenol & out of work

Results:Excellent. Dr. Gottfried got Xrays of my shoulder and started manipulation and exercises that freed up my shoulder and allowed me to return to work.

Name: Barbara D.

Problem: Low back pain and leg pain, especially upon arising.

Previous treatment: Motrin- 8 tablets per day.

Results: Since I have received proper chiropractic care, lost weight, and started exercising, my back and leg pain have disappeared. My body is stronger and more flexible. My friends say that I look and move as if I were 20 years younger.