I am a provider for most major private health insurances such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Health, Tufts, Medicare. This means that my office will bill your insurance and you will be responsible for any copays and deductibles per your policy. Ultimately, though, you are responsible for payment should there be a problem.

Workman’s Compensation Insurance covers you for an on the job injury.Chiropractic Care is covered in RI. No referral is necessary, but your employer must be made aware of your injury in a timely fashion.You are responsible for providing us with the necessary billing information.

Automobile Accident Insurance covers you for Chiropractic Care in RI. No referral is necessary. You are responsible for furnishing us with the necessary policy information, claim number addresses and phone numbers, so that we can process your claim.

All insurances are contracts between you and your insurance company. My staff will assist you in getting your bills paid per your contract, but ultimately you are responsible for your bills should your carrier deny your claim for whatever reason. I cannot tell your insurance company what to do. I can and will provide them with the necessary information that will hopefully enable them to make the right and fair decision regarding coverage.