Activator Methods

In order to locate and correct subluxation interference, I utilize Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique. Activator Methods is an organized system of examining your body for stress imbalance/subluxation interference with gentle “challenges” that were adapted from an orthopedic leg check. When your body tightens in response to a “normal” challenge, that tells me that a correction is needed. This correction is made with the Activator-high speed/low force adjusting instrument. The instrument introduces a measured low force mechanical impulse into a joint to influence alignment. In order to get any work done, basic physics calls for a force to be applied over time. By increasing the speed of the force, you can decrease the force and get the same work done. My philosophy is that less is better. There is no need to overpower your body as is done traditionally in medicine and chiropractic. I’m certain that your body will adapt easier and faster to a low force high speed correction.