Younger by the Minute!

Our concepts on aging are important determiners of what our senior years will be like. Do you base your concepts on aging and old age on your parent’s generation? If your answer is yes, then is that wise?

From my observation, our parent’s gave little thought as to what there senior lives would look like,other than perhaps attempting to plan for the economics of retirement. Many of them unfortunately didn’t get to live the“American dream,” either because their health or their money or both gave out.

It’s never too soon or too late to change your future health by taking action steps in the present. For the first time in years, smoking is decreasing. GGGGGreatt!It’s a tremendous economic and health drain. Unfortunately, another lifestyle issue has arisen as an economic and health drain-obesity.

Let’s backup a step. We can change our future health by changing our thoughts about aging and taking positive action steps in the present. Do you believe this or does it challenge your present way of thinking? For every rock star who dies young of overindulgence there is a Jack LaLanne.

The old nature vs nuture debate. Yes some of our health expression is genetically pre-determined, but how we handle stresses and develop and work a lifestyle health plan also determines how healthy we are and will be.

Today there are 80,000 plus 100 year olds in the US. It’s been guesstimated that by the year 2050 there will be 4.000.000 plus 100 year olds. Let’s start taking action steps and reformulating our thinking about aging,so that we don’t have a tremendous drain on the health and economy of our nation. Instead of having a nation of nursing home boomers,let’s have a nation of Jack LaLannes. Let’s have a nation of respected, healthy, wise boomers who are contributing positively to society.