Stress Management

It has been guesstimated that stress related issues comprise @ 90% of the visits to doctors and hospitals. This includes many of the major illnesses that threaten us today such as cardiovascular disease,diabetes, and many cancers, as well as more obvious issues such as tension headaches, back spasms, and inflammatory digestive disorders. The focus of stress management is about balancing what goes on in your external environment (your world) with what goes on in your internal environment (your mind/body).

By definition, stress is neither good nor bad. It’s anything outside of us that induces a reaction. You might be interested to know that without stress in our lives we’d be dead. What we are really talking about with stress management is changing how we interpret(our mind’s eye view) what goes on around us. Our interpretation is what determines whether we will have a positive, growth experience or a negative, debilitating experience in any situation. Faced with the same stress two people can have entirely different interpretations and experiences (ex. dealing with a rainy day).

It’s important to strengthen our internal environment, because often times we can’t change others or influence certain events outside us.Along with the basics of meditation, rest, good nutrition, and chiropractic care, I teach breathing techniques, affirmations,visualizations, etc to strengthen your stress response.

Also,I have been working as a wellness/stress management consultant for over30 years and have given hundreds of workshops to small businesses on up to Fortune 500 Companies. I’d be happy to to the same for you and your company.